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Compression & Support Supplies

There are a lot of compression & support options to choose from, but fear not: our friendly, certified fitters are highly trained and happy to help you find the right compression and support products. We have everything you need to stay healthy, comfortable and active, including diabetic shoes, compression stockings, lymphedema sleeves and more.

Compression therapy supplies that fit your lifestyle

Whether you’re an athlete striving for comfort and performance, or someone facing a health condition such as diabetes or varicose veins, compression & support socks or stockings can help keep the blood flowing and reduce discomfort and swelling. We also carry lymphedema sleeves, as well as a full line of top-quality Incrediwear products.

A few things to note:

Who can benefit from compression & support stockings?

Compression & support stockings can help make life more comfortable for a wide range of people, including:

  • Those suffering from diabetes or other circulatory problems
  • Those with venous disorders
  • Those with any type of edema or swelling
  • People recovering from surgery 
  • People who have to stand for long periods of time
  • Pregnant women
  • Athletes

Compression & support socks and stockings

We all know the feeling of having very heavy legs after spending a long day on our feet, whether that’s at work, at play or just going about daily life. For some, this discomfort can be severe and painful. Our wide selection of top-quality compression & support socks and stockings can help improve circulation, increase energy and keep your legs healthy.

While compression socks on a person's leg

Compression & support stockings are best suited for those with diabetes, circulatory problems, chronic venous disorders, edema or any type of swelling. Our certified fitters are happy to work with you on a highly personalized basis to find the best compression & support product to meet your unique needs.

From socks to knee-highs to thigh-highs and pantyhose, we offer a large selection of colors and styles to choose from in these trusted brands:

wide selection of braces and supports

High-quality braces and supports

If you’ve suffered an injury or need extra support for your back, knees, ankles, elbows or wrists, Streu’s Pharmacy Bay Natural offers a variety of braces to give you the stability you need. We also offer bandages and wraps that provide support where you need it most as you work toward healing and recovery.

Extensive Incrediwear selection – Athletic Compression Supplies

incrediwear compression products on wall display

We are pleased to offer a full line of top-quality Incrediwear brand products, which help to increase blood flow, reduce inflammation and swelling, relieve pain, optimize performance and accelerate recovery. Instead of simply providing the typical compression & support traditional braces and supports offer, Incrediwear products incorporate semiconductor elements within the fabric that release negative ions when stimulated by body heat. These negative ions activate cellular vibrations that increase blood flow and speed, which increases circulation and brings more oxygen and nutrients to the target area. This process optimizes the body’s natural healing process and accelerates recovery.

diverse group of people running

Our knowledgeable and friendly team can help you find the right product and the right fit to help you move with ease. Our large selection of Incrediwear products includes circulation gloves, elbow sleeves, ankle sleeves, knee sleeves, back braces and circulation socks to help alleviate symptoms associated with:

  • Arthritis
  • Tendonitis
  • Sprains/Strains
  • Neuropathy
  • Carpal Tunnel
  • Lymphedema
  • Musculoskeletal disorders
  • Post-operative healing
  • Muscle fatigue

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