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Products and Services to Help You Best Manage Diabetes

Diabetic Care, Supplies & Footwear

The friendly and knowledgeable team at Streu’s Pharmacy is here to help you navigate diabetes care with a wide variety of products and services to make your life more comfortable. Our comprehensive selection includes diabetic footwear, monitoring services and supplies, compression and support products and much more.

We specialize in fitting diabetic shoes

We often hear a “wow” from our customers when they see the selection in our diabetic footwear department: athletic, casual, dress and sandals that come in a wide variety of colors and styles. Our top-quality Dr. Comfort shoes are well-known for providing comfort – just like the name says – and can help improve circulation in swollen feet.

While we do accept walk-ins for compression stocking fitting, appointments are preferred. An appointment is required for fitting diabetic footwear.

Diabetes care you can trust

Our friendly, highly trained team is happy to help you with your diabetes care.
We are proud to offer:

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Diabetic footwear

Diabetes is a disease in which your blood glucose, or blood sugar, levels are too high. These heightened levels can negatively impact many areas of the body, including the nerves and vessels that go to the feet. This can cause swelling and hinder circulation, making it difficult to find the right shoes or walk comfortably.  

We carry a wide selection of Dr. Comfort diabetic shoes that can help increase comfort, reduce risks related to swelling and promote healthy circulation in your feet. Whatever shoes you need to fit your lifestyle, we can help.

Our extensive selection of Dr. Comfort diabetic footwear includes:

  • Athletic and performance shoes for exercise
  • Casual shoes for everyday activities
  • Dress shoes for going to work and special occasions
  • Sandals to stay cool in warmer weather
  • We can also order Dr. Comfort diabetic socks in different styles and colors to meet your needs.

Compression & support products

Whether you’re an athlete striving for comfort and performance or facing a health condition such as diabetes or varicose veins, compression socks or stockings – as well as Lymphedema sleeves – can help keep the blood flowing and reduce discomfort and swelling.

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Diabetes care diagnosing, monitoring & screening

Our diagnostic and monitoring products and on-site health screening services help people get the data they need as part of their diabetes care, to inform their lifestyle choices and better manage their healthcare needs.

For blood sugar monitoring, we offer the One Touch Verio Meter, with proven accuracy at very low & very high blood glucose levels, as well as the True Metrix Meter, which gives the option to set four testing reminder alarms. 

We offer an automatic blood pressure monitor from A&D Medical as well as the Omron 3 series, which has been named a top 10 monitoring product in this category. We also carry sphygmomanometers (to check blood pressure manually). Note that blood pressure monitors are not covered by Medicare.

The blood pressure monitoring machine in our retail store is available on a walk-in basis and open to the public during regular store hours. For a one-time cost of $5, you’ll receive a card you can use to track all of your blood pressure readings over time. The information is stored in a mobile app that can be accessed by you – and shared with your healthcare providers – anytime.

We also offer in-store Hemoglobin A1c screening to help with your diabetes care. You will require an appointment for this simple finger prick, and we can usually fit you in within a day or two.

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