Streu's Pharmacy provides Retail and Long-term Care pharmacies with full prescription service, DME, ostomy, wound care, compression stockings, and health screenings.  In addition, our pharmacy is ready and waiting to help you with your medication management. As a team with your physicians, we can assure optimal and safe use of your prescription and natural medicine. Ask our pharmacy staff for details.

Although we always want to feel our personal best, we may need more help than our bodies can offer on their own. The pharmicists, triage nurses, technicians, deliver drivers, and cashiers at Streu's Pharmacy Bay Natural make it their number one goal to get you the help you need in a precise, caring, and timely manner.  Our personal best means caring for you and ensuring a safe road to wellness and optimal health.

Why this is important:
  1. Properly interpret your prescription
  2. Assess if the dose seems appropriate for your individual needs
  3. "Double check"  to ensure you get a safe dose of the right drug
  4. Check for possible drug-drug interactions, drug-disease interactions, drug-allergy interactions [this evaluation includes interactions with vitamin and herbal supplements]
  5. Offer infomation on possible nutritional deficiencies caused by your prescription drugs
  6. Communicate with your insurance company as well as your physician to complete your order
  7. Verify the final accuracy of the product while answering any questions you may have.

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