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PGx testing now available

PGx testing now available

Streu’s Pharmacy is proud to announce that we now provide Pharmacogenomic (PGx) testing in partnership with Genemarkers Clinical. PGx testing determines how your genes affect your body’s response to specific medications. This can help your care team determine the right type and dosage of a given medication specifically for you. The possible benefits of PGx testing include helping reduce ‘trial-and-error prescribing’ and minimizing side effects while also decreasing medication-related costs, doctor’s office visits, and hospitalizations.

Is PGx Testing Right For Me?

Having a hard time finding the right medication for your individual needs? Our pharmacists can help you determine if PGx testing may be helpful for you. Although 99% of the population has a genetic variant that can affect how they respond to medications, PGx testing may not be beneficial for everyone; however, for some individuals it has the potential to be life-changing. This is most often for people taking psychotropic medications, but those taking some pain and heart medications also find benefit.

What About the Cost?

This test may be covered by insurance – even Medicare and Medicaid – with completed paperwork from your doctor. Streu’s takes care of the paperwork for you and will instruct you on how to collect an easy sample from a cheek swab. Our partners at Genemarkers will handle insurance billing and will not process the sample until the insurance coverage is verified.

 If your insurance will not cover the test, you will be contacted directly on how you’d like to proceed – discounts and payment plans are available – and if you would not like to proceed, the process stops there. Your sample would be destroyed, and you would not be liable for any expenses.

Curious if PGx may be beneficial to you? Having a hard time finding the right medication for your individual needs? Contact our clinical pharmacists at 920-593-2460 or use the Contact Us form on our website.