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Streu’s Pharmacy Resumes Health Screening & Monitoring Services

Streu’s Pharmacy Resumes Health Screening & Monitoring Services

female testing blood pressure outdoors

COVID-19 disrupted life in countless ways, both big and small. As a trusted local pharmacy and healthcare provider, we were disappointed that we had to temporarily halt some of the health screening & monitoring services on which our customer and patients have relied. As more and more aspects of life open up and return to “normal,” we are pleased to once again offer on-site monitoring of blood pressure, cholesterol and hemoglobin A1c to give people the information they need to help make important lifestyle choices.

“We go far beyond just filling prescriptions at Streu’s Pharmacy Bay Natural,” says Jane Kozicki, RN, MS, NC, one of the owners and lead nurses at Streu’s. “We also are committed to providing diagnostic, monitoring and screening services and products to help our patients and customers – especially those with chronic conditions such as hypertension or diabetes – take a more proactive role in their own care.”

The blood pressure monitoring machine in our retail store is available on a walk-in basis and open to the public during regular store hours, and our staff is more than happy to help first-time users learn how to use it and ensure accurate readings. In addition, for a one-time cost of $5, you’ll receive a card you can use to track all of your blood pressure screening readings over time. The information is stored in a mobile app that can be accessed by you – and shared with your health providers – anytime.

While we cannot bill insurance for cholesterol and hemoglobin A1c screenings, the small fee is often less than a doctor’s office visit co-pay. Appointments are required, which we can typically accommodate quickly and conveniently. Read more about how to prepare and what to expect at these screening appointments

“Unfortunately, the pandemic has caused a lot of disruption in our normal routines – including addressing necessary and ongoing health and medical needs,” says Kozicki. “We’re here and ready to help support people in getting back on track.”

The public is welcome to utilize the screening and monitoring services on-site at Streu’s, as well. Please feel free to contact our nursing team at (920) 593-2465 for more information or to schedule an appointment.